Managing Trees in Historic Landscapes

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Parkland landscapes provide the setting to many fine properties in the UK. Many of these originated in the 18th or 19th centuries and have received little attention during the last hundred years; they are in need of remedial works to rediscover their full potential. If you own or have responsibility for such sites, we can help you to restore them.

Trees are generally a major component of these landscapes, and we can provide management plans which respect both the historic landscape design and current land use requirements. The plans will cover the following:

  • Preservation of historic and veteran trees.
  • Replanting to replace losses and recreate the original design.
  • Management of woodland within or bordering the parkland.
  • View and vista recreation.
  • Avenue restoration.

Where these plans require a wide range of skills from other professionals including landscape architects, ecologists, hydrologists and archaeologists, we work with partners who have established track records in their field to deliver them.

The Tree and Woodland Company also has a lot of experience in project managing the restoration works detailed in the plans.

 Hazard Tree Management 

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Landowners have a statutory duty of care to ensure potentially hazardous trees are properly managed. As a landowner or someone acting on the landowner’s behalf, you will want to strike the right balance between satisfying your legal obligations, minimising the cost of the work, and preserving trees in the landscape.

Our approach to tree hazard management fulfils these criteria, and is based on the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) method, for which we are licensed users. The system assesses the size of the hazardous tree or tree part, its likelihood of failure, and the nature of the target which could be hit, to give a risk of harm index.

Remedial work is recommended to bring the risk of harm within acceptable limits, and this assessment procedure is designed to keep the cost of tree works to a minimum. Climbing inspections or the use of decay detection technology are options for further assessment of trees where a more accurate picture of internal defects is required.

Ecological Services

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Ecological services are carried out on behalf of The Tree and Woodland Company by a specialist company with a proven track record in this field. These services can be delivered alongside our arboricultural and forestry services to form a single, seamless package for the client.

Services provided include protected species surveys and licensing, phase 1 and phase 2 habitat surveys, specialist ecological work for the BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) schemes, and Ecological Impact Assessments.



Parkland Planting Design

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Large new country houses require a suitable setting, and often creating a new parkland landscape around the house is the best way to achieve this.

We can produce masterplans detailing planting layouts and other features for this parkland setting, and can oversee the implementation of the work proposals where required.

Typical works include tree planting, fencing or walling, driveway construction, pond or lake creation, and grass seeding.

 Grants, TPO’s and Statutory Permissions

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Trees have statutory protection through planning tools such as Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), Conservation Areas, or other Planning Conditions. Woodland thinning or felling requires a Felling Licence from the Forestry Commission, and mammals or birds that inhabit trees are protected by UK and European Law.

If you wish to undertake tree work in any of these scenarios, permission to do so is required; prosecutions, fines or enforcement action can be the penalty for acting without permission.

 We are fully conversant with the implications of environmental and planning law, and can submit applications for work permission on your behalf. Occasionally planning tools such as TPOs are applied incorrectly to protect trees, and we can help resolve this for you by making representations to the Local Planning Authority.

 Clearly financial assistance is a major incentive to carry out works to trees and woodland. There are grants of upto 80% of the cost available for woodland management, new planting, parkland restoration, hedgerow management, and remedial works to veteran and other important trees; both management plans and the work recommendations which result from the plans can be grant-aided. The Forestry Commission, Natural England, English Heritage, and The Heritage Lottery Fund are the main grant-giving bodies and we can make applications for grant on your behalf.

Woodland Management

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Our woodland management service is a flexible package which can cover the whole process from concept to completion, or just a part of this.

The first phase is planning, which normally involves the creation of a woodland management plan together with a detailed work programme. This can provide the basis for felling licences and grants from the Forestry Commission or Natural England.

We can then deliver the work programme for you, whether selective felling, thinning, coppicing, or replanting, using our regular contract teams or by project managing your in-house staff.

New woodlands can also be planned and designed to suit your requirements, and then planted by our teams or your staff under our guidance.




Managing Trees on Development Sites

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In terms of the planning process, trees are a material consideration in relation to development whether a new build or an extension to existing property. BS5837 (2012) ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction’ is the primary guidance for tree related planning applications and crucial for anyone working on development sites that include trees. It sets out guidelines and standards expected for tree care before, during and after construction. 

The Tree and Woodland Company can help you to interpret this document and apply it to the context of your building project. We will assist as necessary during the feasibility, detailed design and onsite implementation stages of the process, ensuring that trees are appropriately managed and protected during the development process.

Veteran Tree Management

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The UK has 80% of the European population of veteran trees, and many of these have survived in historic parkland which were originally medieval deer parks. Some of our ancient oak, yew and lime are over a thousand years old, and these gnarled old warriors bring a unique sense of history to our landscapes; they are worthy of preferential treatment to preserve them and the intricate ecosystems they support.

The Tree and Woodland Company can provide the following;

  • Management plans for veteran tree populations
  • Tree health assessments and remedial work programmes, including rooting area improvements, sensitive tree surgery, appropriate management of surrounding vegetation and hard landscaping features (e.g. buildings, paths), and growing on of the next generation.
  • Hazard tree assessments and solutions to hazards which minimise the need for work on the tree: for example, the rerouting of a footpath rather than carrying out branch or stem removal over the path.

 Tree Work Tenders and Supervision

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You may require contractors to deliver work such as tree surgery, woodland thinning or tree planting, and need help managing this process. We offer a professional project management service to do this. Detailed specifications and contract documents can be produced and tendered to established contractors, and we can supervise the implementation of the work. We use certain contract teams regularly and can vouch for their work quality.