Our range of services covers every aspect of tree management on estates from forestry and woodland management and new planting to historic landscape restoration and assistance with veteran or hazard trees.

Woodland Management
Many woodlands suffer from understandable neglect owing to poor timber prices and a lack of incentive to manage them. With rising demand for woodfuel, better prices combined with grant opportunities have made management of woods an attractive proposition again. We can support this with a total forestry and woodland management package ranging from planning and grant funding advice to project planning and implementation. Our fully qualified and experienced team deliver work of the highest standard with due regard for economic, environmental and statutory factors.

The Tree and Woodland Company has carried out a lot of woodland work in or next to historic landscapes, requiring sensitivity to the landscape context, as well as conservation, recreation and sporting considerations. These skills transfer to all aspects of woodland management, providing a flexible service that meets the wide ranging needs of our customers.

Woodland Planting
Britain has a low proportion of woodland cover compared to its European counterparts, and there is a constant demand for new woodland planting, often to serve multiple objectives – landscape, recreational, sporting and conservation. This requires sound planning and design combined with high quality implementation of new planting schemes. We have the range of skills necessary to ensure professional delivery of your project from concept to completion. Our advice covers new planting, natural regeneration and selective felling to create healthy and sustainable woods with species diversity. We can also source and plant nursery stock, ensuring adequate pest control is in place.

Historic Landscape Restoration
Designed landscapes originating in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries are one of Britain’s unique heritage assets and most are now in need of urgent restoration, whether managing the ageing tree stock or replanting for the future.

Our experience assessing and managing the tree stock in historic landscapes is wide ranging, and we have worked in parklands and gardens of all sizes throughout Britain. As well as tree surveys, we produce restoration plans for trees in these historic landscapes, often in association with landscape architects and other specialists, and are regularly commissioned to deliver or project manage the work recommendations over a five or ten year period.

Hazard Tree Management
With an increasing population, urban and rural areas now experience high levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Statutory legislation dictates that tree owners have a duty of care to maintain their trees to bring the risk of harm they pose within reasonable levels. Our hazard tree management surveys and management plans respect landowners’ legal obligations without creating onerous amounts of tree surgery work and consequent cost, maintaining trees in a safe condition while preserving them in the landscape for as long as reasonably possible.  Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) and the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) methods underpin this approach. The resultant work programmes can be carried out by professional tree surgeons or estate in-house teams, overseen by us if necessary.

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